Decision tree driven Yonyx Interactive Guides for Zendesk Clients

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Using the Yonyx cloud based platform, you can create decision tree driven interactive guides. These guides can be published for interactive self service for your customers or for guiding your call center agents. In either application, Yonyx guides are used integrated with Zendesk.

Why would you consider Yonyx Interactive Guides?

Your support organization uses Zendesk to create, track & close trouble tickets. You have also created (perhaps hundreds or thousands of) knowledgebase articles and published them for internal use or for customer self service. But customers and your call center agents often get lost trying to find the right article & intimidated when going through a comprehensive one! Sounds familiar?

Luckily, with Yonyx platform integrated with your Zendesk implementation, you can overcome these problems. Yonyx enables you create decision tree driven interactive guides for customer service.


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How it Works

  • Your SMEs create Yonyx Interactive Guides – one for each call driver.
  • Usually a handful cover a large fraction of your incoming calls.
  • You embed these guides in your support pages.
  • Users (customers or agents) now start traversing a Yonyx guide relevant to them.

    Customer Self Service Users

  • Customers now go through these guides interactively along a resolution pathway of interest to them.
  • If customers cannot resolve an issue – they create a trouble ticket in Zendesk from within Yonyx.
  • Your Agents can now access such trouble tickets created in Zendesk by self service customers.
  • These tickets include a timestamped transcript of the resolution pathway that shows the steps self service customer went through before creating such ticket.
  • Check out the included video to learn more.

    Call Center Agent Users

  • Call Center Agents access the Yonyx Guides through the Yonyx Zendesk App.
  • Once installed, Agents see the Yonyx Landing Page embedded in the Agent View.
  • Agents are now able to browse & pick or search a Yonyx Guide (driven by the subject of a trouble-ticket).
  • At the end of a Customer interaction, they simply click on a “Done” link to embed the Yonyx OneClick TranscriptTM in the Incident record.


    Customer Self Service Use

  • Lower your costs by cutting down incoming calls significantly.
  • Provide 24 x 7 Support for your customers.
  • Remove search problem with few guides
  • Interactive traversal – customers like it!
  • Scalable Model for Support.
  • Deliver higher quality support consistently to your customers.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).
  • Derive deep insights related to your product or service usage.

    Call Center Agents Use

  • Remove search problem for Agents with one guide per call driver
  • Agents go through the guide interactively while conversing with customer
  • Replace after call summary with Yonyx OneClick TranscriptTM
  • Deliver higher quality support consistently to your customers.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).
  • Lower your costs due to improved efficiency of Agents
  • Lower your costs due to reduced escalations from L1 to L2
  • Derive deep insights related to your product or service usage.

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