Set Manual Sort Order

Fix the order in which user responses appear for a guidance step
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Set Manual Sort Order

All user responses at each guidance step of a Yonyx guide are reshuffled periodically based on the popularity each user response. This popularity is determined by looking back at last four weeks of usage of the guide.

For some guidance steps an Author may want to fix the order of its user responses so that they appear in a fixed order irrespective of the popularity of a user response.. E.g. if the follow-on question of a guidance step is “What version of product does the customer have?” Possible user responses for such question may be

  1. Version 1.0
  2. Version 1.3
  3. Version 2.0
  4. Version 2.5
  5. Version 3.0

An Author may want to fix the sort order of these user responses – so that the user has an easier time selecting one of them. This is accomplished by setting a Manual sort order for the user responses.

Once set, Author can also search for user responses in the guide that have Manual sort order set. Remember, any search in Map View – always takes place across all the expanded nodes. So if a portion of the guide has not been expanded by the Author, then the search may not show all possible nodes with the search criteria.

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