Set Flags

Add breadcrumbs to any nodes in a guide
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Set Flags

Flags are like breadcrumbs you can drop on any node of a Yonyx guide. Flags are only visible to Authors & only in Map View. A few use cases for Flags are:

  1. A Bookmark for Authors: Authors can use flags as a bookmark of the node(s) they were last working on. They can now easily discover the node(s) of interest when they come back to work on the guide again.
  2. A tool for guide review: Flags are used by a guide reviewer to mark the nodes that have already been reviewed.
  3. A tool for guide translation: If a guide has been cloned and is being translated to another language, Flags are used to keep track of the nodes that have been translated.

Flags are available in six colors for your convenience. You can also search for nodes containing flags of a certain color (or nodes containing no flags) from Map View Search.

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