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Resolve feedback received from Agents

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Manage Tasks

Any Agent can provide feedback for Author while traversing through any step of a guide. All such feedback is captured as a task under My Tasks menu for an Author, in addition to being delivered as an email to the Author.

The Author can review each task (Agent feedback along with a transcript of the path traversed). The Author may make any changes necessary to the guide by editing the guide in Map View or using the “Edit this step” option from the gear menu. After addressing any change to the guide related to each feedback – the Author needs to mark the task as “Resolved”.

Author Activity Reports (under the Analytics section) are automatically updated to show the number of Tasks that are pending in an Author’s queue vs. those resolved. In case an Agent gives feedback on a guide that has more than one Co-Authors, the task is marked against each Co-Author. If any Co-Author marks such task as “Resolved”, it gets marked as resolved in all Co-Authors’ queues.

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