Add Tags

Tags are distinct labels you create and map with Guides/Guidance Steps. Tags are created per LOB.
These mappings can be used to retrieve a unique set of Guides based on the context by simply fetching Guides associated with single/multiple tags.
Let’s add a few tags and map them to couple of Guides published to an LOB.

Keyword Search vs Tag Search

Keyword Search may result in multiple snippets matching the keyword, but Tag Search will always result in a unique set of snippets because its fetching only the Guides that were mapped with those tags. Let’s see how Tag Search is different than Keyword Search.

Present Context Sensitive Guides using Tags

Tag Search is best used in conjunction with your CRM/Helpdesk/Home grown agent console through integrations.
Let’s see an example of presenting context-sensitive Guides through integration with one such tool called Zendesk.
Bear in mind, this integration is simple and possible across a variety of CRMs/Helpdesks/Home grown tools.

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