Ways to Consume Guides

Guides can be consumed in 3 different ways.


Guides are published into a handful of Catalogs within different Lines of Business and your users simply browse through the Catalogs of an LOB they have access to. This way the users know exactly which Catalog the Guide resides in based on the issue they are trying to resolve.

Keyword Search:

Users can search for keywords across all Guides including their steps published to an LOB. This is useful when you have a lot of Guides published to multiple Catalogs. Keyword search results in multiple matching search snippets sorted by relevance.

Tag Search:

Tag Search is a middle path between Browse (extreme data compression) and Keyword Search (too many search snippets to choose from). Unlike Keyword Search, Tag Search will always result in unique set of snippets (usually less than 5) for a given tag/tags. In order for Tag Search to function, the Guides/Steps need to be tagged.

Publish Guides

A Guide is published targeting a Catalog within a Line of Business (LOB). Remember, all Guides published to an LOB will inherit its Branding and Access Control.
Let’s publish 2 Guides:
1. Guide “Outlook Client Setup” into a Catalog “How To Guides” within an LOB called “Training”
2. Guide “System Not Working” into a Catalog “Troubleshooting Guides” within an LOB called “Training”

UnPublish Guides

Unpublish a Guide to:
1. Take it down from end user access.
2. Move it from one LOB’s Catalog to another LOB’s Catalog.
3. Move it from one Catalog to another Catalog within the same LOB.

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