Upload Image

Images can be uploaded from your desktop into Yonyx cloud. Yonyx serves these images through CDN (content delivery network) for faster access throughout the globe. You should upload the highest quality images. Due to the responsive nature of Yonyx User View,¬†the image will auto size itself based on the user’s screen size.

IMPORTANT: The images you upload are stored in the image library under your account in the cloud. You should name these images carefully – as you can search for an image by name once it has been uploaded.

Search Image

In addition to uploading your own images, you can also search and insert images from the library of images uploaded by other authors of your organization.

Deleting Images from Yonyx Library

You can remove an image you inserted within a guidance step by simply selecting the image in the Yonyx editor and using backspace or delete key. Removing the image from a guidance step simply removes a reference to the image from the specific step. The image is still available in the Yonyx Image Explorer for use in other guidance steps.

You can also delete an image from the Yonyx Image Explorer (as shown below). You should make sure that you have removed the image you are about to delete from all guidance steps where it was inserted before deleting it from the Yonyx Image Explorer. Any image that is deleted from the Yonyx Image Explorer but was not removed from a guidance step where it was inserted will appear like a broken gif icon in User View.

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