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Insert Hyperlinks

Each guidance step in Yonyx is a web-page – so you can include hyperlinks to other web pages within any guidance step. You can thus, include a hyperlink to another guidance step within the same guide or another guide or add a hyperlink to the root node of another guide. It is however recommended that you should transfer user from one guidance step to another within a guide by connecting a user response to such guidance step. Similarly for passing control from a “parent guide” to a “child guide” – it is recommended that you use the “Insert Redirect:” feature instead of adding Hyperlinks. Hyperlinks are thus primarily used to direct users to external web pages.

There are two options you need to choose from when inserting a Hyperlink:

  • If you choose the option to open the link in a new window, the page that the link points to will open in a new browser tab. The user can now go through the page and upon closing the tab, can return to the step in the Yonyx guide he/she was at when they clicked on the link.
  • If however you choose the option to open the link in the same window, the page would open in the same tab as the Yonyx guide and now the user has to use the browser back button to return back to the guide.

Directing User to a specific page in a pdf document: You can also direct a user to specific page number within an online pdf document by inserting the Hyperlink to the pdf document followed by #page=xx – e.g.

Remove Hyperlinks

Removing a hyperlink can simply be done by selecting the entire text that has the hyperlink in it. Now simply choose Unlink from the menu to remove the link.

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