Linda is your customer,

1. She called to inquire about an insurance plan.
2. Your Agent explained her options.
3. She said she needed to check with her husband.
4. Your Agent could not handle this objection & lost the sale.
5. You wish all members were able to close as much business as the top 25% of your team.

How Does Yonyx Help?


Arm sales people with the right sequence of probing questions

A big part of making a sale is engaging your customer in a conversation along their line of interest. Great sales people do that intuitively, but Yonyx guides help you provide this invaluable tool to your entire organization! More engagement leads to more sales.


Replicate Closing Techniques across your sales organization

Closing a deal is almost an art in itself. You have to choose the right words that are decisive but not hastening the customer. Once again, using Yonyx guides you can guide your Sales Agents with specific language to use at various points in the conversation with the customer. Better closing means, more closes!


Analytics & Insights

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The same holds true for your sales techniques. Imagine correlating specific paths traversed through a guide & the sales outcomes corresponding to it! Yonyx guides help you capture and analyze such data to be able to constantly improve your team’s performance.


Handle Customer Objections consistently

Most customers have second thoughts when they are about to make a purchase. Smart salespeople are able to reassure customers about their decision in ways that helps them feel they are making the right decision. Using Yonyx guides, you can make these techniques available to your entire organization. Better handling of objections leads to higher sales!


Provide context sensitive product information at the fingertips of Sales people

It may be hard for Sales Agents to remember all product details, especially when answering detailed questions from a serious prospective customer. Yonyx guides help put the right context dependent information at the fingertips of Agents, thereby improving their credibility with the customer – leading to increased sales!


Crowd sourced Improvement

Imagine a new objection that starts popping up across your team that no one is equipped to handle? Imagine a new technique that an Agent has discovered that is extremely effective in closing business. Using the Yonyx platform you can crowd source feedback from Sales Agents & distribute these to the whole organization in a context sensitive manner.

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