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Linda is your customer,

1. She accidentally deleted some files.
2. She called Service Desk to help retrieve the files.
3. The IT professional told her there is no way to recover her lost files.
4. Next day Linda told everyone at her staff meeting about the loss of data.
5. A colleague helped restore the files from her Trash bin!
6. Katy was shocked at the poor service & complained to you…

How Does Yonyx Help?


Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

More customers get their issues resolved quickly & correctly at the Service Desk & fewer issues get escalated to Desktop support. This helps you meet or exceed customer expectations!


Crowd sourced Improvement

Service Desk members send context sensitive feedback to Authors when they discover new scenarios that a guide doesn’t address. Authors immediately turn around & include such scenarios benefiting the entire organization.


Analytics & Insights

What are the most frequent root causes for top issues? Which steps in a pathway are the most or least effective? Which step takes the most time? All these insights help Authors improve the guides thereby improving the quality of service delivered by Service Desk.


Reduced Training Costs

Service Desk members need to simply be trained to pick a guide for each call driver & traverse through it along a customer specific troubleshooting pathway. Service Desk members can handle a wide variety of issues without requiring specific training.


Automated Documentation

Service Desk members don’t have to spend time documenting the steps they went through to troubleshoot an issue. Yonyx OneClick Transcript automatically includes timestamped documentation of all steps in the ticket record.


Self Service to Deflect Calls

Frequent recurring simpler issues can be deflected by publishing Yonyx guides for customer self-service. This helps improve the turn-around time for customers while extending your Service Desk resources for the more difficult issues.

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