Linda is your (internal) customer,

1. She closed her payroll bank account (before stopping direct deposit).
2. She called HR to setup payroll direct deposit to an alternate account.
3. The HR Representative didn’t follow the exception handling process.
4. Payroll deposit was attempted to her old bank at the next pay cycle.
5. She complained when money didn’t show up in the new bank account.
6. You had to issue a manual check, apologize to her & deal with the added bank charges for a failed transfer to the closed account.

How Does Yonyx Help?


Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

More customers get their issues resolved quickly & correctly. This helps you meet or exceed customer expectations!


Improved Average Handle Time (AHT)

Agents don’t spend time searching for articles in a knowledgebase, hopping through sections of articles or even writing call summary notes. This helps improve Average Handle Time (AHT) – resulting in further cost reduction.


Improved First Call Resolution (FCR)

More L1 Agents are able to resolve issues without the need to escalate them to L2. This leads to reduced costs.


Reduced Training Costs

Agents need to simply be trained to pick a guide for each call driver & traverse through along a customer specific pathway. Shadowing Agents is no longer required!

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