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Linda is your customer,

1. She used an app to call a cab.
2. The driver didn’t show up so she cancelled.
3. To her surprise, she was charged a cancellation fee!
4. She submitted a ticket to reverse this charge.
5. Your Agent “researched” the issue incorrectly & did not reimburse the fee.
6. Aggravated, she described the entire episode on social media.
7. The social media “ticket” was escalated to you.
8. You determined your Agent was wrong.

How Does Yonyx Help?


Improved Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

More customers get their issues resolved, in sync with your business processes & policies. This helps you meet or exceed customer expectations!


Compliance Reports

You get timestamped reports of every Agent’s traversal through every policy & procedure guide. This helps you improve compliance across organization.


Reduced Errors

Errors due to misinterpretation of policies and procedures by Agents are reduced to a minimum. This reduces your cost.


Analytics & Insights

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. The same holds true for your policies and procedures. Imagine correlating specific paths traversed through a policy guide & CSAT scores for the corresponding tickets!

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