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Customers who have subscribed to the Yonyx Professional Plan (or above) have this feature available for all their Authors. An Author can clone a guide to get a duplicate copy of the guide in moments – whether it is 10 nodes or 1,000 nodes. Guide cloning is used for a few different reasons:

  • Guide Template: Often customers find that the first few steps of customer interaction are same across multiple guides. Instead of creating the common steps over and over, an Author can create a template guide and clone such guide to create the starting point which can then be edited to add further steps as per each guide topic.
  • Making major edits to a published guide: If a guide has to be completely redone, an Author can clone the guide and make the changes to the cloned guide. Once complete, the original guide can be unpublished and archived while the new guide can be published in its place.

Please remember a cloned guide cannot be deleted – it can only be archived. So be sure you need a clone before cloning a guide!

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