Interactive Decision Trees for Call Centers, Business Process based Applications & Customer Self Service

Interactively guide call center agents for technical support, business process compliance, telemarketing, lead qualification and more. Deflect incoming calls, improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) through interactive customer self service. Create business process based applications with enterprise data integration.

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Core Features

Create Decision Trees Intuitively

Built on highly advanced Decision Network Architecture (DNA) Yonyx Map View provides a first of its kind solution for creating and visualizing decision tree driven customer interaction flows.

Decision Trees in Call Centers

Consistency is a pre-requisite to improving customer service! Use of decision trees in a call center helps improve consistency – resulting in Improved first call resolution (FCR), Increased Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) & Reduced Average Handle Time (AHT).

Decision Trees for Customer Self Service

Starting from a symptom, a customer can interactively troubleshoot an issue by traversing a decision tree along a given pathway. This helps customers quickly determine the underlying root cause and the corresponding solution.

CRM Integration for Decision Trees

Present relevant (ticket category based) decision trees to Agents from within CRM screens. Create ticket in the CRM from any step of a self service tree. Automatically include transcript of the path traversed through the decision tree in CRM ticket.

Enterprise Data driven Decision Trees

Unshackle your decision trees with access to Enterprise data. Look-up, capture or update information in any databases from any node of your decision tree. Auto-traverse through steps in a decision tree based on data driven conditions.

Insightful Decision Tree Analytics

Determine popular pathways and abandonment rates through any decision tree. Use activity reports to drill-down into usage by user or by decision tree. Let insights help improve your decision tree content and organization compliance.

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Unbelievably Life Changing!

In a day my Team and I could not go without this tool. It allows us to have information at our finger tips. We have seen such great results as it pertains to using Yonyx. “It never goes down” was a direct quote from one of the agents.

Improves Average Handle Time and Quality.

Our customers are calling on their lunch breaks and times where they just do not have the luxury of staying on the phone for long periods of time. This tool is so efficient that it helps the agent with getting through the calls quickly but accurately which is a boost to our Quality scores. Donna Redway

Team Manager, Sutherland Global Solutions


Exactly what I was searching for. We have some fairly complex support and troubleshooting issues and I find my Yonyx guides invaluable for finding my way through the maze.I like that I can interactively build complex troubleshooting guides, including screenshots. Can access them from the desktop browser or embed in intranet and web pages. Peter Lawrance

Technical Support Analyst, Reculver Technology

Excellent for guiding members and support agents.

We used and looked at traditional knowledge base support systems but while they are good at providing FAQ type support, we needed a more capable system that could provide a guided step by step help to members. This is when we came across Yonyx with its core ability to guide members with more complex troubleshooting instead of requiring them to read lengthy FAQs or search for different Q&As. Yonyx guided capabilities reduced our call volume and as an added bonus, provided our own call center agents with a tool to use while talking to members to help them troubleshoot more effectively and quickly. Chiang Ying Yi

VP Engineering & Architecture, Virgin Pulse

Having used Yonyx for some time now – I can say I am thrilled with the performance of the platform. First of all the system has been rock solid – I don’t remember any downtimes! Customers love to get troubleshooting and how-to information in the guided interactive style Yonyx supports! We have seen about 20% reduction in incoming calls – a significant ROI. I’d highly recommend the unique approach that Yonyx provides to any organization that takes online self-service seriously. Harold McGann

VP Customer Service, Apptix

Reduction in calls since implementing.

I implemented one guide on our support page to test the functionality of the product. I found the creating process to be very simple. Once done and added to our support page I monitored and gathered data over a 10 week period. I was shocked at the metrics. I could see how many views it got, how many users traversed the guide, how far they went. I have seen, on average, a 10% decrease in support calls per week since adding just the one guide. I have plans to create and add several more. Very easy to use – creating guides are very simple. Support on the product is great – any questions about functionality are answered promptly. Metrics are fantastic. Very insightful. Edward Rusch

Manager Technical Support, Rand McNally

I like to say that the Yonyx system is very simple to use, the interface is very user friendly and the end users have easy access to all support knowledge and videos. I highly recommend the Yonyx system to anybody out there using any kind of support system and wants to make it easier for their users and their customers. Gail Leone

Senior Support Technician, Mailstreet

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